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Merger and Acquisition

Finesse of analysis, objectivity and transparency are for us the essentials of these short and fascinating subjects.



A successful merger or acquisition is a guarantee of value creation. The success of these complex operations relies on a clear strategy, a relevant valuation, a complete evaluation of the potential and its associated risks, as well as a controlled integration allowing to maximize synergies.

  • Due diligence in view of anexternal growth for a French ETI in online distribution

  • Buyer due diligence dans l’IoT industrial for a fund ‘mid cap’ in Belgium


Due diligence

Prior to a merger or acquisition, whether initiated by the seller or the buyer, assessing the target's strategic perspectives is essential to ensure value creation. This strategic overview is based on several axes: analyzing the market and its trends, understanding the competitive environment, studying potential synergies with internal activities and the existing portfolio, identifying image and reputation risks.


Our customized and result-oriented approach allows us to quickly provide you with the necessary elements for you decision making process.



Due diligence
Carve-out / Spin-off
  • ‘Carve-out’ Strategy of a innovative IoT product for a consumer electronics technician 

  • Business plan and ‘spin off’ valorisation from web editor in ‘SaaS’ sector for mobile phone


Carve-out / Spin-off 

Whether it is for financial or strategic reasons, the sale or spin-off of a part of the business must be matured and validated. The understanding of the market and the key success factors of the business will allow you to build an attractive business plan. Identifying the key people and the operational impacts of the spin-off will also allow you to control the consequences of the spin-off on your core business.

Our expertise in market research and in construction of business plans, and our ability to understand your challenges on the ground will enable you to maximize the attractiveness of the divested business while minimizing the negative impacts on your operations.

  • Support for the optimization of the teams of four venues now within a group 

  • For an actor of intermediation, management of the integration of a new international subsidiary 


Post Merger Integration

Downstream of a merger or acquisition, maintaining the dynamics of the two entities is essential to unlock the maximum value of the operation. A successful integration phase is a guarantee of maximizing and accelerating synergies, by building a relevant and adapted organization allowing the optimization of capacities.
In these fast-paced transition periods, we work with you to ensure that deadlines are met and the quality of the work is maintained.

PM Integration
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