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Market analysis

Discover a selection of experiences carried out with our clients to help them better understand their market and pursue their development

Strategic vendor due diligence

Construction industry

Analysis of performance and strategic perspectives: market studies (national and international), competitive overview, analysis of positioning and performance, review of growth prospects.

Analyse des données
Strategic due diligences

Investment funds

Analysis of strategic perspectives: what is the market environment (national or international), what is the company's competitive positioning, what are the development prospects?

Bringing an innovative product to market

Project of connected object in sports

Supporting the project leader in strategic thinking in terms of market priorities, usage and orientation of technical studies.

International business development

Software editor

Support for the international rollout of a new product: what business model, what geographical and industry priorities, what level of ambition?

Vue aérienne des conteneurs
Diagnosis of a strategic project

Maritime carrier

Economic and operational analysis of an integrated multimodal supply project to complete a shipping supply and optimize the pricing of services and the profitability of the assets involved (transport, terminal, handling, last kilometer...).

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