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Digital transformation

Discover a selection of experiences in which we have supported companies in their digitalization, the improvement of their information systems and the implementation of innovative solutions in
data science and artificial intelligence

Digital transformation

New entrant in freight forwarder services

Development of a collaborative platform between all the players in the value chain, from the shipper to the receiver, including the carrier and the insurer, integrating a module for sharing negotiated rates and optimizing costs.

Global logistics optimization

Support division of an industrial leader

For a large industrial group, diagnosis and implementation of an optimization tool to reduce the costs of spare parts on usage support contracts: through data analysis and modeling, identification of action levers from design to the global distribution network.

Preparation of a big data infrastructure

Aeronautical industry

As part of the digital transformation of the group's support activity, framing and implementation of the data infrastructure, from storage to visualization and analysis tools.

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Pattern recognition and predictive analysis

Aircraft fleet operators

Based on operational data, identification of typical behaviors using data mining tools, areas to improve maintenance, and improvement of upstream thinking on the design of the next generation of machines.

Assessment and roadmap of the IT management

Industrial group

In a context of information system obsolescence and chronic dissatisfaction of internal customers, assessment of the information system situation by functional area, proposal of incremental and breakthrough changes, and establishment of a roadmap for the next 6 months, 1 year and beyond.

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Seminar on creativity

Leader in the aeronautical industry

For the after-sales activity of a leader in aeronautics, animation of a seminar to identify breakthrough innovations and seize the opportunity of digital: what new services, on which markets, and how?

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Global improvement of information system organizations

IT managements of large groups

For IT managements of large groups (energy, maritime transport, automotive, health), assignments to set up or adjust organizations, operating modes, and aim for more agility and efficiency for internal customers.

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