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Corporate Strategy

We place people at the very heart of the success of a strategic plan: alignment and commitment of management, realism of action plans.



Growth is one of the keys to the sustainability of your company, and is even a determining factor in the most dynamic markets. It will depend on your ability to position yourself on the most promising trends and to leverage your strategic assets in order to take a strong and sustainable position on your target markets.


Our expertise in data research, our experience in developing strategic plans for companies of various sizes and sectors, and our knowledge of your operational challenges will enable you to formalize your ambition, align all of your company's strengths around a common goal, and move quickly into action.


Strategic plan

  • Dans la sûreté alimentaire, accompagnement de l’équipe de direction d’une startup dans sa stratégie de croissance 

  • Pour un groupe de conseil en data en croissance accélérée, séminaire d’alignement des manageurs pays sur l’ambition 


The strategic exercise enables decision makers to be aligned and teams to be embarked on a common project, setting a strong medium and long-term ambition while giving the means to implement the key actions necessary to achieve this ambition.

Gjoa provides you with an understanding of your target markets, knowledge of the dynamics of the value chain and the competitive environment, and the identification of your strengths or Achilles heels in order to best guide decisions and build an ambitious and actionable strategic plan. 

Plan stratégique


  • Accompaniment of the leader from a participation of a bottom to its diversification plan in the business services 

  • For a subsidiary of an industrial group, strategic thinking in its post-crisis rebound  


Successful diversification requires, on the one hand, positioning yourself on high-potential opportunities, effectively targeting the best customer segment and the most relevant geography, and on the other hand, measuring the steps to be taken to effectively penetrate these new markets by giving yourself the means to do so.

The objective analysis of the value chain, the competitive environment, your offering capacity and your strategic assets allows you to target the most relevant opportunities and to choose an adapted penetration strategy, in order to maximize the chances of success. 

  • For an online distributor of wellness products, support of its external growth in Europe 

  • In connected automobile, analysis and priorisation of possible target markets 


International development

The economic playing field has never been so vast and heterogeneous. International development therefore raises many questions, relating to the potential of different geographies and their accessibility for a foreign player.  

Moreover, it will also imply to apprehend a higher complexity within your organization, with the integration of a potentially very different culture and working methods.

The understanding and strategic analysis of international markets and local specificities, supported if necessary by local information gathering through our international network of correspondents, allows to capture growth in the most dynamic and accessible markets.. 

Dévelopement à l'intenational

Acceleration of innovation

  • For a subsidiary of an aeronautical group, management seminar to identify breakthough innovation path

  • In connected objects, preparation of an agile scale-up plan to support the acceleration of distribution


In its inescapable priority of ensuring the smooth running of operations on a daily basis, everyone at his or her level focuses on his or her priorities, and neglects new, atypical or overly long-term ideas. Management, in particular, sometimes struggles to provide leadership in renewing practices and mobilizing employees around a vision of the organization's future.

The facilitation of workshops or seminars, individual or collective coaching, based on proven methodologies, can initiate a creativity process that is effective and profitable for innovation and progress. 

Carve-out / Spin-off
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