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Marketing and Sales

In recent years, the mastery of data has become a fundamental dimension in the construction of a marketing strategy.



To ensure the competitiveness and profitability of your offer, you need to take it to the right customer, by the right means, and at the right price. This work will require you to make choices and focus your resources on the most promising segments. The detailed knowledge of the markets, their key success factors and the development of your assets will allow you to adjust your offer to the major trends in your markets and to target the most receptive and attractive segments. 

  • For a construction industry actor from a subsidiary of a large group, analysis of the potential of disintermediation of its distribution 

  • Market research B2B of the energy renovation to guide a SME in strong growth 


Strategic marketing

In a context of rapidly evolving uses in increasingly competitive markets, it is necessary to ensure that your offer meets the demands of your customers, its competitiveness and profitability.

"A good product is one whose value proposition brings such a level of use value that it allows to charge prices that increase the company's profitability and the fair remuneration of the production factors".

By providing you with a precise knowledge of your markets and their key success factors, we enable you to target the segments most receptive to your offer and to identify the necessary evolutions (product, price, service) to win new customers.

Marketing stratégique
  • In the sector of FinTech, analysis of the international market for the granting of automatic credit 

  • Accompaniment of the pivot of a SME from decoration tofood sector 



Bringing an existing or new product to market, in a existing or new market, requires preparation, structure and organization to ensure its success. 


Gjoa will help you define your offer and target market, as well as develop your penetration strategy: determine your business model, select sales and communication channels, define priorities and design your action plan.

  • For a startup in the the decarbonization from transportation, streamlining and securing the revenue model 

  • For the marketing of a IT host, analysis of price positioning regarding the competition 


Pricing and revenue model

The price is the element that links the production effort of the company and its valuation on the market. It is therefore an essential element that must be thought through at a very early stage. But the pricing methods are just as important.

These modalities do not only depend on a good positioning of the product as defined by an efficient marketing strategy. It must also take into account external factors (buyers' habits, perceived value of the offer, demand dynamics, etc.) or internal to the company (profitability thresholds, cash flow, growth financing, etc.).

We help you understand the customer journey, identify pricing trends and competing offers to identify optimized and differentiating revenue models (dynamic pricing, indirect monetization, etc.) and formalize the action plan to implement them.

Pricng et modèle de revenus
  • For an investment fund, online performance analysis of an European parapharmacy distributor

  • Supported a startup in document management in its reflection on multi-canal marketing 


Digital marketing

Digital technology is becoming increasingly important in our consumption habits. The thoughtful and efficient use of all available digital channels allows for increased visibility. The promotion of expertise and know-how is improved, and the sale of products and services increased.

The SEO and SEA analysis of the competitive environment allows to highlight the digital positioning of a company, and to identify the actions to be taken to improve its visibility.

Marketing digital
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