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Etudes de marché et benchmark

Quality information gathering is the foundation of strategy consulting
Norge puts 30 years of expertise at your disposal
Why Norge ?

Over the past few years, Gjoa has developed an economic hub around an expert, Rachid, to provide strategic insights on complex economic environments

Today, we offer it directly to consultants and corporate departments looking for specialized, qualified data

It provides you with a clear, realistic picture of your business environment, based on our recognized expertise

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To fly over the North Pole, Roald Amundsen chose to fly aboard an airship, Norge, to gain height and a bird's-eye view,
providing an overview of the situation.

Our products
Competitive landscape
Market study
Ecosystem screening
Norge latest projects
Actionable results
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We know how important it is to have high-quality data that your teams can use immediately

  • Economic overview

  • Market study

  • Interview summary

  • Excel data file

To take things a step further, the Gjoa team can, on request, provide strategic support for management teams

30 years' experience at the service of strategy



Pilot of

the Norge hub

My belief, forged over 30 years of experience, is that quality information is a prerequisite for making the right decisions. In a world of plethoric and imperfect information, my ambition and my craft is to provide a precise and complete vision of reality and of your business environment. Norge is the fruit of this conviction.

What our clients say about us
As professionals in our industry, we had an intuition about our business. Norge enabled us to fact-check our environment and confirm
or refute our intuitions.
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