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Déploiement opérationnel

Processes must be both robust and agile to enable continuous improvement of the value proposition.


Adopting an organizational model that ensures balance and agility, undertaking the necessary transformations to gain in efficiency and quality, these are the key areas of work to ensure that the company's performance meets its objectives.

  • For the new programs of an industrial group, implementation of management charts 

  • At the end of an intense growth phase, review of the management indicators of a technological SME 



To optimally manage your business, you need to choose the right performance indicators. These indicators must meet several criteria to ensure their usefulness, reliability and ease of collection.

We support you in identifying the most relevant key indicators, in setting up control processes and in selecting visualization tools. 

Pricing et modèle de revenus
  • For a leader in renewable energy, realigning the organization with its strategy

  • For the purchasing division of a manufacturer, support for the reorganization of an international team


Pricing et modèle de revenus

With increasing volatility in all sectors, organizations are struggling to adapt to change. A good organization speeds up decisions and facilitates collaboration. An inadequate organization leads to a vicious circle of permanently falling behind market expectations and leaving a competitive advantage to new entrants.

By combining social, organizational, quality and strategic analyses, we enable you to orient the structuring of the organization to the service of results and business agility. 


  • For a defense supplier, redesign of key processes to improve employee engagement

  • Within the framework of a new transport contract, implementation of the organization of a pole dedicated to the customer


The strategic exercise often leads to the identification of ambitious transformation projects. These may be driven by a desire to improve operational performance, including the implementation of new digital tools, to launch new activities or to commit to a positive social and environmental impact.

Gjoa can help you identify, quantify and plan the changes to be made, and then manage and monitor the change to engage teams, smooth the transition and ensure your objectives are met. 

  • Restructuring of an SME in the video industry to both reduce costs and restore meaning and leadership

  • In the real estate sector, 360° diagnosis and rebound plan for an SME



During the life cycle of a company, crisis situations due to the appearance of endogenous or exogenous factors may arise, calling into question the sustainability of the activity. In these situations, it becomes necessary to act quickly to regain performance levels that ensure the competitiveness of the company and its attractiveness to shareholders or potential investors.

A holistic restructuring, including all assets, optimizes the company's activity through cost reductions and restores its financial situation, in particular by restoring its balance sheet thanks to a renewed control of its debt level.

With the sustainability of your business at heart, we enable you to identify and prioritize the most impactful actions, while ensuring the commitment of your teams, the achievement of your objectives and the respect of deadlines. 

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