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      About Gjoa

Gjoa Strategy supports investors and general management in strategic decision taking
Qui sommes-nous ?
About Gjoa Strategy ?

As independent consulting firm, we managed to build a solid team based in Marseille, with skills from large Parisian Firms.

Three word to define us :

The Gjøa was the first sailing ship to cross from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean via the north of the American continent. The courage, perseverance and rigor of Roald Amundsen's crew to reach the goal are a continuing source of inspiration.

Our beliefs

Each company has its own field of excellence

Through its history and know-how, each company has a potential, accessible by implementing the right strategy


The human being is at the center of the approach

Social and cultural considerations are key to ensuring the implementation and sustainability of strategic decisions


The 'digital' lever is one of the keys to strategic thinking

Knowing how to seize and integrate technological opportunities is an essential lever for boosting market relations and operational performance

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The challenge of a strategy is to serve the long term

In addition to ensuring a match between markets and internal capacities, a sustainable strategy is based on a detailed understanding of social and environmental impacts

Nos conviction

An independent firm, inspired by the journey of an extreme explorer, Gjoa Strategy supports strategic decision-making. Three essential points guide our approach: objectivity of analyses serenity in decisions, ease of implemetation. Convinced that each organization has a potential for excellence, we integrate the human and digital potential in the sustainable and responsible strategies building.

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Fabien, founding partner

Nos atouts
Our strengths
Analysis objectivity

A senior team, used to contexts of major change and a practice of proven methodologies

Serenity in decision-making

An innovative mindset that relies on an attentive listening to the specific issues at stake for approaches adapted to each case

Easy to implement

A team based in Marseille, used to working at all levels of organizations to mobilize teams

Founder's career history

Starting his career as a Mines ParisTech engineer in aeronautics and data science (Safran, Airbus), Fabien Chalot quickly turned to strategy consulting, where the challenges are less technical than economic and human.

After a few years at the Boston Consulting Group in Paris with large international groups, he has since confronted the agile environment of SMEs on a wide range of general management topics by launching his business in 2013. Through Gjoa Stratégie, Fabien strives to imagine innovative approaches, with the aim of inviting each and every organization to surpass itself, by becoming aware of its strengths and talents in order to reinvent itself.

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